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The Legend

In India in 1886 a young man with tabla playing skills left the countryside for the city. He lived a pretense of royal stock and married into a maharaja family. At the sametime a young welshman had landed in India with his guitar and also lived a pretense life above his station. Likewise he married into a maharaja family.

For both this was short lived and in 1889 their true backgrounds were discovered. Both found themselves on the same boat heading to Great Britain. On this boat they met, and wrote a song together. This song was the Maharaja Blues and this is how the Maharaja Blues was born.

The Fact

Maharaja Blues is the culmination of the flow of three talented rivers, Richard, Jonathan and Satinder as they merge with the great Mississippi, fusing the sound of the beating tabla with the euphoric slide blues and the fire of the harmonica. During 2011 the duo started to perform more frequently together and their sound was greatly received. They released an EP. This EP commemorates and celebrates the distinctive sound produced by the combination of the duo's rhythm and harmony, as well as the good times had during this period. In 2014 Jonathan became the third tributary to flow into the blues water of this musical river.

Richard Staines was born in South Wales. He has been actively involved in all sorts of music from a young age. He has lived and performed in many countries though has been mainly based in London and more recently Cardiff. In recent years his love of the blues has blossomed and his skills on slide guitar have gone from strength to strength. He thoroughly enjoys song-writing, arranging, and composing.

Satinder Grewal, having started playing tabla at the age of 9, continued with the passion for the Indian percussion instrument throughout his early years. He recently rediscovered his affinity for the tabla and has been playing at gigs around London, creating a respectable fan-base. He has transitioned from collaborating with traditional Indian musicians playing instruments such as sarangi, to western style instruments - notably the guitar. Through hours of enjoyable yet concentrated practise, he has honed his technical abilities which has allowed him to form half of the Maharaja Blues.

Jonathan Browning, born and raised in the valleys of South Wales, breathes fire through his harmonica adding extra spice to the Maharaja Blues. He combines folk, rock and blues techniques to create his own distinctive style. Enamoured by the versatility of his instrument, he naturally feeds off the vibes of the other maharajas.

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Our first video, how we sounded when starting out...
In the Horse, Lambeth North.


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Maharaja Blues Show Highlights

Regulars at:
May, Devauden Festival
July, Caerleon Arts Festival
July, Coleford Festival
Sept/Oct, Leek Blues and Americana Festival

March 2018, Browns Hotel, Laugharne (home of Dylan Thomas)
May 2018, Blues at the Barns Festival, Essex
May 2018, The Devauden Music Festival
Aug 2018, Radford Mill Blues Festival, nr Bath

March 2017, Browns Hotel, Laugharne (home of Dylan Thomas)
April 2017, Brithdir Mawr, Pembrokeshire
May 2017, The Devauden Music Festival
Sept 2017, Southerndown Parti Pentre
Sept 2017, An Indian Summer, Leicester
Sept 2017, Leek Blues and Americana Festival, Staffs (2 gigs)
Nov/Dec 2017, The Library Pub, Islington

May 2016, The Devauden Music Festival
June 2016, The Leamington Peace Festival
July 2016, The Maindee Festival, Newport
July 2016, Rhythms of the World Festival, Hitchin, Herts
July 2016, Maryport Blues Festival, Cumbria (2 gigs)
Aug 2016, AberJazz Festival, Fishguard
Sept 2016, 2 gigs at Newark Blues Festival, Notts (2 gigs)
Sept 2016, Southerndown Parti Pentre

May 2015, Wild Boar Blues Festival, Green Valley, Wales.
June 2015, Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff Bay
June 2015, Rhythms of the World Festival, Hitchin, Herts
June 2015, An Indian Summer, Leicester
June 2015, ShireFest (Shirenewton)
Aug 2015, AberJazz Festival, Fishguard
Oct 2015, Leek Blues Festival, Staffs

May 2014, The Devauden Music Festival
June 2014, The Beacon Festival, Oxfordshire
July 2014, Browns Hotel, Laugharne (home of Dylan Thomas) - solo
Aug 2014, Rhythms of the World Festival, Hitchin, Herts
Oct 2014, Leek Blues Festival, Staffs

Feb 2013, The 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London.
May 2013, The Devauden Music Festival
June 2013, ShireFest (Shirenewton)
July 2013, The RhythmTree Festival (World Music), Isle Of Wight
Aug 2013, Cardiff Hub Festival
Oct 2013, The Leek Blues Festival, Staffs

May 2012, The Devauden Music Festival
Nov 2012, The Tenby Blues Festival

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